A week in de factory

A week in de factory

Dec 19, 2018 / By : / Category : News

For our minor program International Entrepreneurship and Development at the TU Delft we, Line, Christine and Coco, will represent Muima in Kenya from October 2018 to February 2019. We will design a new product and implement a new plastic recycling technique in the factory. We want to create possibilities to make more products out of plastic waste. This way, we try to contribute in solving the plastic problem in Kenya!

On Monday our new oven finaly arrived! We immediately started testing it and made the steal plates that function as a mould. This worked out very well. Now we only have to buy some final tools, such as a thermometer and a scale to measure the amount of plastic that we put between the plates. Once we collect all these parts we can optimize the process with the new machine.

Besides the new machine, we also built the mould for a specific part of the new product. Unfortunately we had to do this twice, because after testing the first mould we found too many small errors. The second mould worked out well, since we now knew how to make the mould better. However, this took much time and therefore we had to work three days on the second mould to optimize it.

In other words, we had a good week in the factory with a lot of testing, grinding and welding!

During the weekend we went for a camping trip in Nandi Hills with our friends from Kisumu. We have barbecued and had a hike through the hills. Winston, our tour guide, showed us an awesome spot from where we could see all across Lake Victoria.

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