Muima Clock Green

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Our new green mamba straight out of Africa!
Over 700 grams of recycled plastic waste rocking your walls.

Diameter: 31 cm



This is a clock made out of 100% recycled plastic waste from the Kenyan streets. Thanks to your purchase another 700 grams of plastic waste from the streets is reused! Spread the word!

Plastic pickers are being paid fair salaries for their plastic gathering and no less than 11 Kenyans can provide for their families thanks to their job in the factory!

All profits flow back to the factory in Kenya in order to improve the machines, the safety and the salaries. This is only the beginning. We aspire a better future, a safer production process, fair opportunities for even more Kenyans and new products.

1 review for Muima Clock Green

  1. Mechtild Linssen

    Precies op tijd aangekomen voor de verjaardag en weer prachtig verpakt! Muima bedankt!

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