About Us

The bad news:
With sadness we have to share that we decided to stop exploiting Muima.nl.
The past years have been great. We had people going to the factory yearly, visited Wilson and the factory as often as we could, but our dear friend Covid troubled it all. Products have logistically been really hard to get into the Netherlands and due to the pandemic we haven't had TU Delft students in kenya for years.

The good news:
Wilson has a fine self sufficient factory in Kenya. Sales are going well and noting really changes with this decision. No people are let go, no worries arise.
Quoting Wilson himself: "I am so thankful for the strides we made together especially building of the factory which has propelled Muima Industries to greater heights. I truly owe you one."
And on that bombshell we can leave in peace, hoping to reunite with our colleagues locally soon!


With love,
Line, Coco & Marijn

Muima was founded in 2016 by Reinoud de Klerk & Marijn Duvekot.
As students of the Delft University of Technology, they came in contact with Wilson and his company Muima Industries for the first time when starting their minor program International Entrepreneurship & Development.
After preparing improvements for the injection molding technique used by Wilson in Kenya, they flew to Wilson in Kenya to implement their plans and ideas.

“That’s when they decided to join

forces on the long term”

After arriving, they were directly amazed by the amount of plastic litter on the Kenyan streets and very much impressed about the factory, the people working there and the principle of making products from plastic waste. That’s when they decided to join forces on the long term with the existing factory to work together and grow the business to Europe.

Still Muima works together with the Delft University of Technology that provided interns yearly. These interns not only develop new plans & ideas with their young and creative minds, they also accompany the yearly reinvestments into the factory, the people working for Muima, the circumstances and the production safety.
Within the first year Muima has already been able to build an entirely new production facility and develop new products.

“This is only just the beginning”

In the end of 2017 Sam van Houten joined the Muima team to add his enthousiasm, creativity and hands on mentality.
Sam, Reinoud & Marijn still work on a 100% voluntarily basis, making sure as much revenue as possible goes back to Africa.
This is only just the beginning!

Wilson Mzungu

(CEO Kenya & co-founder)

Plastic Recycle Guru


Work hard, play hard!


Marijn Duvekot 

(CEO Europe & co-founder)

Civil Engineering student at TU Delft


Loves the smell of recycled plastic in the morning!

Reinoud de Klerk 

(CFO & co-founder)

Civil Engineering student at TU Delft


Eats plastic for breakfast!


Sam van Houten 

(Creative Director)

Mechanical Engineering student at TU Delft


Shreds plastic like pow pow!

Coco Polderman

(Managing director and co-owner)

Applied Physics student at TU Delft


Dreams about recycled plastic all day!

Line Hietink

(Managing director and co-owner)

Industrial Design Engineering student at TU Delft


Can't stop swimming in our plastic pile!