Almost holiday

Almost holiday

Dec 24, 2018 / By : / Category : News

For our minor program International Entrepreneurship and Development at the TU Delft we, Line, Christine and Coco, will represent Muima in Kenya from October 2018 to February 2019. We will design a new product and implement a new plastic recycling technique in the factory. We want to create possibilities to make more products out of plastic waste. This way, we try to contribute in solving the plastic problem in Kenya!

This week was a very short work week! Only on Monday and Tuesday we were in the factory, since the holiday would start on Wednesday. That is why Monday and Tuesday were very busy.

The mould that Mukanda made, finally arrived on Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, because of the non-availability of electricity we couldn’t test the mould on Monday yet. That is why we started testing with it on Tuesday. On Tuesday we found out that there were a couple errors in the upper part of it, too bad. Luckily, Mukanda understood the errors and he will fix it next week for us! In the meanwhile, we optimized the other mould and ordered a thermometer for the oven. This thermometer will be brought to Nairobi by a friend of ours, where we will pick it up during our holiday.

To celebrate our collaboration with Wilson so far and to wish all the employees a good Christmas, we bought a big cake! All the employees, BodaBoda drivers, Wilson, his wife and his kids enjoyed it very much and from then the holiday season has started!

From Thursday till Sunday we went on a safari in Masai Mara, Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru. During this trip we were lucky enough to see all the animals of the big five!! Our next update will be in 2019, when we will be back in the factory to continue our good progress!

Merry Christmas from Muima!



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