Continuing the good work!

Continuing the good work!

Nov 14, 2018 / By : / Category : News

For our minor program International Entrepreneurship and Development at the TU Delft we, Line, Christine and Coco, will represent Muima in Kenya from October 2018 to February 2019. We will design a new product and implement a new plastic recycling technique in the factory. We want to create possibilities to make more products out of plastic waste. This way, we try to contribute in solving the plastic problem in Kenya! 

This weekend we continued working hard to finish our Solidworks-model. On Sunday we showed Wilson and Mukanda our model and we improved the model to everyone’s wishes. At the moment Mukanda is working on the design of the mould. When the design for the mould is finished we will meet again with Mukanda and Wilson, but this time the meeting will be in Kakamega! During the meeting on Sunday we made some nice pictures together in front of Muima Industries.

In the following days we worked on our other tasks. We thought about the additional parts we need to add to our product, we worked out a financial overview and made some steps in our report that we have to write for our course International Entrepreneurship. 

Next to our work related activities we also enjoyed our  first week in Kenya. This week we stayed the whole week in Mumias, where we met a lot of new people at the compound. During our first week we spend much of our free time with the staff: Vivian and Mirjam. They are our new friends now and learned us some African dance moves. Besides the dancing we also cooked the delicious Kenyan chapati together with them. They take good care of us and make this place feel like home!

Mirjam and Vivian doing our hair! 

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