Team Muima 2018

Team Muima 2018

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Let’s introduce ourselves

During the next three months we, Coco Polderman, Line Hietink and Christine van Diemen are representing Muima in Kenya.

We are three students of the Technical University of Delft and are enthusiastic about recycling plastic. We saw this project and really wanted to join the team.

For Muima we are going to design a new product. In this way Muima can continue enlarging itself and continue contributing in solving the plastic problem in Kenya.  

Next to designing a new product for Muima we also want to improve the factory. We are thinking of implementing a new machine to recycle plastic. When we succeed implementing this specific technique, Muima Industries has the opportunity to make many new, different products of recycled plastics. This would of course be amazing! 

From the 4th of November we will be in Kenya  to achieve our goals and see how everything is going with Muima Industries. We are really looking forward to go here.

You can follow us during our trip! We will every week post an up date on this blog @

Mpaka hapo!

We will announce the product when we succeed producing one in our factory Muima Industries

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