In search for materials

In search for materials

Dec 09, 2018 / By : / Category : News

For our minor program International Entrepreneurship and Development at the TU Delft we, Line, Christine and Coco, will represent Muima in Kenya from October 2018 to February 2019. We will design a new product and implement a new plastic recycling technique in the factory. We want to create possibilities to make more products out of plastic waste. This way, we try to contribute in solving the plastic problem in Kenya!F

The past week was in the context of finding good materials for the new machine again, because the materials that we found the previous week ended up way above our budget. That is why we visited many scrap yards to search for useable materials for our machine. We mainly searched for old ovens, since there is already an isolation part inside. 

After visiting several scrap yards in Kisumu and after seeing every hardware shop in town, we found a good oven. This oven will be delivered next Monday in Mumias and we are very excited about it. 

During the past week we also visited Wilson to discuss multiple options and designs for a part of our new product. We agreed on a design and next Monday we will start building a mould for this.
Furthermore, we designed a lifting arm with a pulley. This is necessary to carry the mould we ordered last week, because this way the employees do not get injured by lifting heavy materials. This lifting arm will hopefully be ready next week as well. In other words, next week will be a busy week! 

On Saturday, we met our Indian and Pakistani friends again at Dunga Hill Camp. We also met a lot of Dutch people in Kisumu, each working hard on a sustainable project as well. 

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