The mould is ordered!

The mould is ordered!

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For our minor program International Entrepreneurship and Development at the TU Delft we, Line, Christine and Coco, will represent Muima in Kenya from October 2018 to February 2019. We will design a new product and implement a new plastic recycling technique in the factory. We want to create possibilities to make more products out of plastic waste. This way, we try to contribute in solving the plastic problem in Kenya!

This blog is already about our fourth week in Kenya. We are still making good progress, which makes us really proud. This week we finally ordered the mould for our new product. This implies that we now have to wait circa two weeks until it is totally finished. When the mould will arrive after these two weeks at the factory, it is time to fine-tune every piece that comes out of it and make sure the connecting pieces fit correctly. 

The other days of the week we have been busy with the new machine again. We went looking for all the necessary materials. While we were working on this, we found out that it might be above our budget. This makes it necessary to make some little adjustments in our design.

During the search of materials we met many new people. These people where so kind to help us tremendously, which was very nice for us. For example, an Indian engineer helped us out to find the right materials that are heat-resistant, fit our budget and are available in Kisumu. 

We will meet him again next Monday, to buy the materials and operate on the pieces that need changes to fit our wishes. In this way, we can hopefully head to Mumias with all our materials on Tuesday. 

After this work week, we spent some free time in Kisumu again. On Friday night we had dinner at Dunga Hill Camp where we ate their special dish: pork choma! On Saturday we met our Indian and Pakistan friends at the Yacht Club. Here we had a cook out, which they call a Karoga in Swahili. Rhino, a friend of ours, made some of his father’s famous Kenyan chicken, which was delicious for sure! 

P.S. When the new machine is finished, we will upload a story specificly about how the machine works and looks!

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